Website rebuild

The old website for the VTC is being rebuilt. If you want to the weblink to add to your bookmarks than visit

Update 19th of May, 2019: After thinking about it over the last few weeks I've decided to get a new domain at It's easier to put a short domain in  for adverts.

1 Month, 3 Weeks

NTF joins the VTU.

As of today I have decided to have NTF become part of the VTU Virtual Truckers Union. I would like to thank Sam Sharp for inviting us to join. I think it's a great move for NTF and it's members. 

What is VTU Virtual Truckers Union?
VTU is a network that supports VTC's and is ran by the members of the VTC's in a democracy system.

As a member of NTF how do I join VTU?
As a member of NTF you automaticly a member of UTC. To join the VTU Discord message me on discord and I'll send you an invite. Note after you join VTU discord add NTF to end of your nickname.

2 Months, 2 Days

Read before you apply

Below is the information we need when you apply.

First Name: (opitional but nice to know)
Discord User Name: (include #number)
Your Steam Profile URL:
Your TruckersMP Profile URL:
Date of Birth: (don't lie about this)
Paragraph of your experence in being in a VTC/Group like this, and why you want to join NTF.

Below is the roles that you can also apply for. Add the role you are applying for to the reason why you want to join the NTF must include experence for the role you applying for.

  • Senior Manager - (SM for short) SM is the third in command and all other Managers answers to him/her.

  • Driver Manager - (DM for short) DM is the fourth in command and the Drivers may bring their problem with another driver to the DM. They however do not deal with personal problems at home.

  • Media Manager - (MM for short) MM is the leader of the Media Team. He/She chooses there team.

  • Media Team - Members of the drivers choosen by MM to help with our media outlets.

  • Event Manager - (EM for short) EM is the leader of Event Marshals. He/She also comes up with the Events (both public & enternal) for members to join.

  • Event Marshals - Event Marshals are the members choosen by EM to help with public convoys. To become a Event Marshal you most have some training before you can help with public events.

For those that have already joined and wants to apply for one of the above roles contact one of the owners to apply with the name of the role as well as any experence you have for the role. Keep in mind if you want to join the Media Team or the Event Marshals those are choosen by their managers.

2 Months, 1 Week

Looking for a Co-Owner.

NTF is looking for a COO/Co-Owner that can help with the cost of the site as well as other expenses. This person most be willing to donate $20.00 a month to match my $20.00 I'll be adding to the VTC's paypal. If interested feel free to contact Will for more information. Must have some experience with leading a group of people and have personal referances. I want someone that is good with people and is willing to listen to a member if they have an issue.

2 Months, 1 Week

Driver Roles

If you reach on the the mile stones below than please contact one of the owners on Discord and let us know as soon as possible so we can change your Driver Role. Staff members don't as you will not need to update your role on VTLog. I advize you to use Google to convert kilometers (km) to miles.

Rookie Driver - Every driver starts here Basic 

Driver - 250,000 miles 

Junior Driver - 500,000 miles 

Senior Driver - 1,000,000 miles 

Veteran Driver - 2,000,000 miles 

Master Driver - 4,000,000 miles 

Legendary Driver - 8,000,000 miles 

Super Driver - 16,000,000 miles

2 Months, 1 Week

We're Back!

Yes that's right NTF is back. We are accepting applications to join the VTC as well as the Staff of the VTC. Contact Will for more information on how to become a staff member of NTF.

2 Months, 1 Week

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