We are a old company that has re-open on the 14th of April of the year 2019. NTF Newman's Transcontinental Freightlines was created for those that don't want the restriction of a load count or required to attend official events. In NTF you can gain a higher rank of driver by total miles you have driven as a member of NTF. NTF plays on Single Player for ATS and ETS2 and the Multiplayer Mod from TruckersMP (We'll transfer over to Infinite Truckers MP when it's released). We also play Farming Simulator 19 and will soon have servers up for it.

Note: NTF is looking for drivers to fill the following roles; COO (Co-Owner), Senior Manager, Drivers Manager, Media Manager, Media Team, Event Manager, & Event Marshals.

Driver Roles 

Rookie Driver - Every driver starts here Basic 

Driver - 250,000 miles 

Junior Driver - 500,000 miles 

Senior Driver - 1,000,000 miles 

Veteran Driver - 2,000,000 miles 

Master Driver - 4,000,000 miles 

Legendary Driver - 8,000,000 miles 

Super Driver - 16,000,000 miles

As of 23/04/2019 NTF is a member of VTU Virtual Truckers Union. See news for more info.
As of 28/04/2019 NTF has added Farming Simulator 19 to our games and soon will have servers up.